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About Us

Unleash was founded by experienced writers and performers Glenn & Angela James, who decided to join forces to take their work on literacy and the literary arts to a whole new level and really make a difference.

After working in schools and communities over a number of years as individual writers performing their work and delivering workshops encouraging creative writing, Glenn and Angela realised that they wanted to do so much more!

They wanted to work on more diverse and extensive literacy/literary arts based projects both in schools and also in the wider education system as a whole.  As well as reaching out into the wider community, working with disadvantaged/disenfranchised groups/areas and helping improve literacy standards in the region.  They also sought working in collaboration with other like-minded organisations, as a way of increasing their impact even more.

This resulted in the formation of ‘Unleash’ – a new arts organisation committed to encouraging and promoting literacy and the literary arts.

Our Vision

  • To unleash creativity, imagination and potential through literacy and the literary arts.

Our Mission

  • To encourage and promote literacy and the literary arts so as to inspire, engage, educate and enthuse both children and the wider community.
  • To enrich and empower lives through literacy and the literary arts.

Our Aims

  • To inform, educate & entertain through the power of reading, writing & performing.
  • To encourage reading, writing and performing for all ages and walks of life.
  • To improve literacy standards in disadvantaged areas.
  • To encourage the study of STEAM/STEM subjects for all.
  • To increase pride in yourself, others, where you live, where you are from & where you are going.
  • To encourage equality, tolerance, empowerment & education for all.